Wall Whale Kit


The Wall Whale Kit includes all the pieces to turn a regular pool brush into a Wall Whale. It will fit on most metal-backed pool brushes.


  • POWERFUL – The Wall Whale delivers more than 10x the force between the brush and pool surface
  • THOROUGH – Brush your pool thoroughly the first time, using one hand
  • FAST – The average residential pool can be brushed in about 5 minutes
  • SIMPLE – Attaches easily to any pole, no hoses, pumps, filters or motors
  • SAVE MONEY – A weekly brushing is your best defense against algae and expensive chemicals
  • VERSATILE – Great for homeowners and service professionals, weekly brushing, algae removal and new pool startup brushing


Download Wall Whale Instructions


Download Wall Whale Kit Installation Instructions


The Wall Whale and the Skimmer Angel have a 30 day money back guarantee for any purchases made on wallwhale.com. Warranties for products purchased in pool stores or online resellers are based on the seller’s warranty or return policies. Please Contact Us if you have any questions or problems, no matter where you made your purchase.

Made in USA

The Wall Whale is assembled in the USA and all the parts that turn a regular brush into a Wall Whale are made in the USA. The brushes are sourced from Mexico, Asia and the USA.