The Wall Whale

The Wall Whale

Benefits of Brushing with the Wall Whale Swimming Pool Brush

The Wall Whale provides effortless and powerful brushing force. Just like the spoiler on a car helps it hug the road, the Wall Whale’s Wall hugging action directs power to where it is needed, reducing the strain on the user and increasing cleaning effectiveness.

POWERFUL – The Wall Whale delivers up to 10x the force between the brush and pool surface.

THOROUGH – Brush your pool thoroughly the first time, using one hand.

FAST – The average residential pool can be brushed in about 5 minutes.

SIMPLE – Attaches easily to any pole, no hoses, pumps, filters or motors.

EASY – Brushing a pool without the Wall Whale is strenuous. With the Wall Whale you simply push down with one hand and the tail does the hard work.

SAVE MONEY – A weekly brushing is your best defense against algae. Reduce the need for costly and dangerous chemicals. The nylon bristles on the Wall Whale last up to 4x longer than normal plastic bristles.

VERSATILE – Great for homeowners and service professionals, new pool and remodels, weekly brushing, algae removal and startup brushing.

Push down with one hand

Push down with one hand

More than 10x the force!

The water pushes the brush against the wall with more than 10x the force

Tail flips when pulling up

The tail flips during the upstroke

Adjustable angle changes brushing force

Adjustable tail angle to increase or decrease the pressure against the wall

With an ordinary brush, you use two hands to make a series of short strokes, one hand to hold the brush against the pool surface and the other to push the brush down.

This method requires multiple passes over the same area and is strenuous because there is no way to hold the brush firmly against the pool surface.

Brushing the old way

Brushing with the Wall Whale

With the Wall Whale, the key is to start at the waterline and keep it moving. Position the brush so the bristles are at the top of the waterline, reach as high on the pole as possible, and make one fluid stroke to the bottom of the pool.

As long as the Wall Whale is moving, it will grip the walls (or bottom) of the pool.

Whether for routine pool maintenance, algae removal or new pool startup brushing, there is no easier way to brush your pool than with the Wall Whale.

The Wall Whale Principle Through History

Steve Montgomery of Orlando, who has one arm, discovered the Wall Whale. "What used to take 20 minutes of struggle is now about a six-minute, manageable task." says Steve.

Orlando Sentinel Article

Orlando, FL

Hi Greg,
I just wanted to write you and let you know how I feel about the Wall Whale. I've been using it for a few months now and feel it's definitely the best invention ever. It saves me so much energy. It makes my weekly task of brushing the pool from something I greatly dread, now to something acceptable and something I can live with. (I have a very large pool, so it always took a long time and was a BIG weekly job for me.)

Your invention has greatly helped the quality of my life in regards to time and energy.

Tim Anderson

Phoenix, AZ

I have to tell you that I saw your product for the first time at a friends house and tried it myself because I didn't believe it would be so easy and work so good. I ran out on Monday and bought myself one. I am recommending it to all of my friends and coworkers who own a pool. Thanks for a terrific product!

Alberto Sancho

Fresno, CA