The Wall Whale

Since before the turn of the century, GABco Products has been developing products to make pool ownership easier and funner. Thanks for visiting, we look forward to being of service.

The Skimmer Angel

Wall Whale Swimming Pool Brush Principle Through History

I’m 66 years old now and sweeping my pool has become increasingly difficult for me. However, my new Wall Whale has saved the day. Thanks a lot for coming up with it.

T. Hovatter,

Arcadia, CA

Our customers and service personnel rave about the ease of using their Wall Whale brushes. We also appreciate the excellent service after the sale.

B. Stallings

Roscoe's Pool Service, Moultrie, GA

We recently installed a new pool and were in a desperate way. After a couple of weeks of brushing our pool with the cheap brush our builder provided, our children were coming out of the pool with cuts on their feet!  Our pool company recommended getting the Wall Whale brush. I called immediately and I had the brush I needed by 9am the next day! Since then, no more cuts on the feet! Kudos to Customer Service! They went out of their way to make sure we received our brush ASAP and followed-up with a phone call after. A Million Thanks!

S. Longo

Cincinnati, OH