The Wall Whale XL

The Tail Holds the Brush Against the Wall

With More Than 10x the Force


The Wall Whale XL - Bigger

Big 20" Brush


Large curved area provides constant contact with pool surface


7 rows of BIG FAT UV-Stabilized NYLON bristles

The Wall Whale XL Is a Big Brush


The Wall Whale XL - Bigger

Made from no-break

space-aged polymers


Structurally Engineered to be stronger than metal-backed brushes


Won’t corrode in salt pools


The Wall Whale XL - Badder

Brush your pool with one hand,
the tail does the hard work


Single pass coverage, no skipping


Great for algae and startups

The Wall Whale XL - Perspective



The Wall Whale Principle Through History

The Wall Whale Swimming Pool Brush is a pool brush with a spoiler. The spoiler, or tail, holds the brush against the pool surface with more than 10x the force of a normal brush. Brushing a swimming pool is the most important part of swimming pool maintenance. Brushing your pool removes algae, but more importantly, brushing prevents algae in your pool and extends the life of your pool surface by removing mineral deposits which will ruin your pool surface. If you have a new swimming pool, it shoud be brushed 2-3 times per day for the first month. The Wall Whale is endorsed by swimming pool builders and swimming pool finish manufacturers as the most effective brush for startup pool brushing.