The Wall Whale is the perfect product for swimming pool stores.
The Wall Whale for Retail Stores

A great addition to your maintenance line

You wouldn't think of a swimming pool brush as a WOW! product until you hear what your customers say about the Wall Whale.  Stores throughout the USA report seeing new customers because a neighbor or friend has sent them to their store to buy a Wall Whale.  High margins, attractive packaging and customers love them, what a perfect addition to any retail line.


The Wall Whale XL In Retail Stores

Josh Ulfers

Clearwater Pools, Metarie, La

"The Wall Whale is an innovative approach to the somewhat stagnant product segment of pool wall brushes. With great packaging that really stands out and grabs the customers combined with the video demo DVD customers are constantly asking our staff about the benefits of Wall Whale products. The same goes for the Skimmer Angel with it's eye catching counter top display.

Customers love the idea of not having to wear out their arms when brushing the pool or sticking their hands into who knows what in their skimmer baskets.

Between the POP materials and great packaging, the GABco products truly sell themselves."

Jana Auringer

The Pool Lady, Coppell, Tx

"I recently had the opportunity to use your product, Wall Whale, on a series of pools I was inspecting.

I was impressed with how easy your product was to use and how quickly the Wall Whale removes more“plaster dust from a freshly plastered pool than the usual pool brush.

The consistent contact of the Wall Whale on the fresh plaster allows complete removal of the residue to assure a smooth, beautiful pool finish. The 50/50 brush is excellent for the pebble finishes which are so popular because of its nylon and steel wire bristles combination.

The adjustable feature of the Wall Whale guarantees easy brushing of all features of the pool. I would highly recommend this tool for homeowners and service companies, because the Wall Whale does a complete and efficient job and does it so effortlessly."

Key benefits to carrying the Wall Whale

Proven, Unique and Profitable


Your customers will love them and refer their friends and neighbors to your store.


Higher Margins than when you sell a normal brush.


Incremental Sales - Customers will buy a Wall Whale even if they don't need a new brush.


Upsell - Every algae problem or algaecide sale is an opportunity to sell a Wall Whale.


High Inventory Turns - Many of our retail customers sell over 250 Wall Whales per year.



Free Resources

Retail POP and Upsell Materials

Let Us help you sell more of our stuff!

You have the customer in your store, they are seeking your advice and they have their credit card in their hand - this is the perfect time to suggest products to compliment their purchase. Your customers will appreciate your expertise while you increase your sales and profit, a true win-win!


Here at GABco we're all about the upsell - creating products and sales materials to help you realize incremental revenue. Our upsell items are FREE to all of our dealers. You can call (817) 337-4200 or click one of the links below to download our entire Upsell and POP Catalog.


Skimmer Basket Inserts
Algae Upsell Tags
New Skimmer Basket Inserts help you sell a Skimmer Angel every time you sell a skimmer basket.
Algae-Upsell tags help you sell a Wall Whale every time you sell an algaecide.



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The Wall Whale Principle Through History

The Wall Whale Swimming Pool Brush is a pool brush with a spoiler. The spoiler, or tail, holds the brush against the pool surface with more than 10x the force of a normal brush. Brushing a swimming pool is the most important part of swimming pool maintenance. Brushing your pool removes algae, but more importantly, brushing prevents algae in your pool and extends the life of your pool surface by removing mineral deposits which will ruin your pool surface. If you have a new swimming pool, it shoud be brushed 2-3 times per day for the first month. The Wall Whale is endorsed by swimming pool builders and swimming pool finish manufacturers as the most effective brush for startup pool brushing.