Our customers agree, the Wall Whale is the best brush for algae removal, new pool brushing and pool maintenance
Customers love the Wall Whale

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Retail Stores

Josh Ulfers

Clearwater Pools, Metarie, La

"The Wall Whale is an innovative approach to the somewhat stagnant product segment of pool wall brushes. With great packaging that really stands out and grabs the customers combined with the video demo DVD customers are constantly asking our staff about the benefits of Wall Whale products. The same goes for the Skimmer Angel with it's eye catching counter top display.

Customers love the idea of not having to wear out their arms when brushing the pool or sticking their hands into who knows what in their skimmer baskets.

Between the POP materials and great packaging, the GABco products truly sell themselves."

B. Stallings

Roscoe's Pool Service, Moultrie, GA

"Our customers and service personnel rave… about the ease of using their Wall Whale brushes. We also appreciate the excellent service after the sale."

Antonio Santana

Fort Worth, Tx

"I just wanted to let you know I really like my Wall Whale.

I just spoke with Fort Worth Custom pools and they seem interested in doing business with you. I gave them really good feedback and they are the type of company that likes to make things easier for their customers. Customer satisfaction is the name of the game these days and I hope they are able to do a lot of business with you.

Let me know how I can help promote your product. I am a big supporter."


Alan Smith

Alan Smith Pool Plastering, Inc.

"After 8 weeks of start-up brushing with the Wall Whale, I have to say how impressed we are with your product. One swipe, instead of 3 or 4, is all that's needed, saving at least 50% on time and turning out a much cleaner surface. The downward pressure on the brush head extends all the way out, as far as you can reach, removing all plaster dust."

Randy Dukes


"In the plaster business it is imperative to thoroughly brush a newly applied plaster finish every day for at least the first 2 weeks. This product will certainly assist in the chore and is, as you claim, a time saving device."

Jana Auringer

The Pool Lady, Coppell, Tx

"I recently had the opportunity to use your product, Wall Whale, on a series of pools I was inspecting.

I was impressed with how easy your product was to use and how quickly the Wall Whale removes more plaster dust from a freshly plastered pool than the usual pool brush.

The consistent contact of the Wall Whale on the fresh plaster allows complete removal of the residue to assure a smooth, beautiful pool finish. The 50/50 brush is excellent for the pebble finishes which are so popular because of its nylon and steel wire bristles combination.

The adjustable feature of the Wall Whale guarantees easy brushing of all features of the pool. I would highly recommend this tool for homeowners and service companies, because the Wall Whale does a complete and efficient job and does it so effortlessly."

Mike Faile

First Coast Pool Service, Jacksonville, FL

"I have purchased 4 of your Wall Whales for our pool cleaning service it has cut our cleaning time in half at each pool…I have recommended them to every pool service company as well as every pool homeowner. You have definitely made my job easier and I look forward to doing business with you again real soon."

Division of Range Control

USMC Camp Lejeune

"I am truly amazed by the complements I have been getting in regards to the cleanliness of my training tank.  Not only by the MCIWS (trainers) also by the rec swimmers we allow to use the pool in the evening. The Training Tank (pool) wasn't dirty it just didn't have that nice new look, but it does now. Looking forward to continuing doing business with you in the future. The Director of Range Control is pleased as well."

Jason Hoffpauir

BlueChip Services Group

"Man this Brush is Awesome!!! Got them in yesterday I personnaly used it this morning and its the best brush ever. The first time I used it I could not believe the how much quicker I could brush a pool but most importantly how much better it works compared to the normal brush. The force this brush applies when using it is amazing! My company services 60 + pools a week and if you are a service company do yourself and you customers a favor and use this brush it will save time and provide a better customer experience. This brush is great!"

J. Wahl

Phoenix, Az

"I love the Wall Whale!!! Best invention since pull luggage. I had an especially hard time brushing the sides of the pool, but with the Wall Whale, the job is easy, quick and the results are much better than I could ever do with the standard brush. Showed the Wall Whale to a professional pool maintenance person, and he loved it. Said sweeping the pool was the most tiring part of his job, and with the Wall Whale the job is orders of magnitude easier and more effective. In time, believe that all standard pool brushes will be replaced by the Wall Whale.

Thanks for making my Saturdays easier! Will tell all my friends because the Wall Whale is that great of a product."

Home Owners

Tom B.

Katy, Tx

"This note is to express my complete satisfaction with GABco, the company, the people, and the products.

Some years ago I purchased one of the original Wall Whales and was incredibly impressed. The physics of the whale are so simple and so elegant it amazed me that someone hadn't come up with it years earlier. It simply worked.

Unfortunately there were quite a few metal components and my salt water pool didn't get along well with them. I KNOW I should have rinsed the Whale after use but being the lazy person that I am I simply didn't do it. So it corroded and "fell apart." Understand that this was MY FAULT for not following simple common sense maintenance rules.

So I fired off an E-mail to the folks at GABco and was pleased as punch that Greg himself took the time to address my situation. About a week later I had a new style Whale at what was probably a cost price. So the bottom line was that I broke it and GABco fixed the issue fairly and extremely promptly.

Another couple of years goes by and my new Whale is keeping my pool in fantastic shape. And I go outside one day and it appeared that either the pool maintenance people (since fired) had mistreated my Whale or the gardener had decided to "mow" over it. Contacting GABco once again with a guilty look on my face, Greg just said that he would ship me another Whale Tail for the cost of the shipping. Again, he resolved the issue in MINUTES at NO PROFIT to his company.

So there you have it. An American company, with American Values, American Standards, and American Honesty. Your choice is to buy some piece of $%^& made in China that you will replace at your expense every year or two or deal with people who actually care about delivering value for value received.

100% recommended, without qualifications of any kind."

T. Hovatter

Arcadia, CA

"I'm 66 years old now and sweeping my pool has become increasingly difficult for me. However, my new Wall Whale has saved the day. Thanks a lot for coming up with it."

S. Longo

Cincinnati, Oh

"We recently installed a new pool and were in a desperate way. After a couple of weeks of brushing our pool with the cheap brush our builder provided, our children were coming out of the pool with cuts on their feet!  Our pool company recommended getting the Wall Whale brush. I called immediately and I had the brush I needed by 9am the next day! Since then, no more cuts on the feet! Kudos to Customer Service! They went out of their way to make sure we received our brush ASAP and followed-up with a phone call after. A Million Thanks!"

Orlando Sentinel Article

Steve Montgomery of Orlando, who has one arm, discovered the Wall Whale. "What used to take 20 minutes of struggle is now about a six-minute, manageable task." says Steve.

Very Satisfied Customer

"I have to tell you that I saw your product for the first time at a friends house and tried it myself cause I didn't believe it would be so easy and work so good. I ran out on Monday and bought myself one. I am recommending it to all of my friends and coworkers who own a pool. Thanks for a terrific product!“

Tim Anderson

Phoenix, Az

"Hi Greg,

I just wanted to write you and let you know how I feel about the Wall Whale. I've been using it for a few months now and feel it's definitely the best invention ever. It saves me so much energy. It makes my weekly task of brushing the pool from something I greatly dread, now to something acceptable and something I can live with. (I have a very large pool, so it always took a long time and was a BIG weekly job for me.)

Your invention has greatly helped the quality of my life in regards to time and energy."

Bob Davis

Salem, Ma

"I just used my Wall Whale for the 1st time today. It is one of those products that works so well that you forget how difficult it was with a normal brush.

Thanks for a great product."

Alberto Sancho

Fresno, CA

"I have to tell you that I saw your product for the first time at a friends house and tried it myself because I didn't believe it would be so easy and work so good. I ran out on Monday and bought myself one. I am recommending it to all of my friends and coworkers who own a pool. Thanks for a terrific product!"


Phoenix, AZ

"Everything you say about this product is true.....for the first time I can say all the sides of my pool were getting scrubbed with little effort. Every pool owner will buy one..get the message out."

R Neal

Fremont, CA

"We love this product!  It makes brushing the sides of the pool so much easier, causing less pain to my elbows. Thanks for inventing such a great product."

Roger Weinberger

Miami, FL

"Everything you say about this product is true.....for the first time I can say all the sides of my pool were getting scrubbed with little effort E.very pool owner will buy one..get the message out. Thanks"

Brenda Stepp

Houston, Tx

"As a rule, given a choice between mowing the lawn and brushing the pool, my teenage boys and I are unanimous, we mow. The Wall Whale is going to change all that, it is phenomenal! My pool used to take me 1 to 1 1/2 hours to brush. This means it rarely received that needed brushing. I just did it in a half hour with the Wall Whale! What's more, my arms aren't aching from keeping the brush pressed up against the sides of the pool. Thank you! I too want to know if you are publicly traded! This is the one tool no pool owner should be without!

You are more than welcome to use my testimonial and I will happily recommend the Wall Whale to friends and family!"

S. Slaton

Houston, Tx

"I just wanted to say that I bought the Wall Whale about a year ago, and it is absolutely the best thing I have ever bought for My pool. My pool is 40,000 gallons. It used to take me 45 minutes to brush the entire thing. Now it takes me less than 10 minutes. Thank you very much for a great product!"

R. Cobb

Tampa, Fl

"I admit I was a skeptic. I looked at your product a year ago and did not buy. After hearing my salesman at Leslies tell me basically if I didn't like it I could return it I bought one.

I must say that I am very impressed. I am a 10 year pool owner that has had lower back surgery which is irritated by pool brushing because of the two handed way you have to work the brush. With your product I can basically use one hand, apply much greater pressure to the brush and cut the time it used to take me by 75%. I can no do my entire pool (18x36) is about six minutes and do a better job.

I only wish I had bought this when it first came out. I also purchased your new basket handle.

Thanks for a great product!"

Todd Dennis


…usually takes 30-40 minutes….I was able to brush in one pass what normally takes two or three passes."

S. Brannan

Colleyville, Tx

"I disliked brushing my pool so much I wouldn't do it and just let my pool service deal with the algae problems. With the Wall Whale it's so easy… ….no hassle or sore muscles.

S. Deering

Burnet, Tx

"I don't consider brushing my pool part of my exercise program. It's so easy with the Wall Whale, and I get to……spend my time enjoying my pool."

The Wall Whale Principle Through History

The Wall Whale Swimming Pool Brush is a pool brush with a spoiler. The spoiler, or tail, holds the brush against the pool surface with more than 10x the force of a normal brush. Brushing a swimming pool is the most important part of swimming pool maintenance. Brushing your pool removes algae, but more importantly, brushing prevents algae in your pool and extends the life of your pool surface by removing mineral deposits which will ruin your pool surface. If you have a new swimming pool, it shoud be brushed 2-3 times per day for the first month. The Wall Whale is endorsed by swimming pool builders and swimming pool finish manufacturers as the most effective brush for startup pool brushing.